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Diving Deeper in the SaaS Ecosystem with CompTIA SaaS Ecosystem Council
This year, the software that powers SaaS has grown exponentially. From small startups to large software companies, the industry has grown drastically. Understand answers to questions like:
● How can you manage this ever-growing SaaS ecosystem? What are the operational implications of this?
● How can specialization and/or verticalization support your business for scaling? What dangers does this impose?
● When selecting SaaS vendors, how do you manage your shiny object syndrome? What processes can help you manage this?

The CompTIA SaaS ecosystem is a group of thought leaders and subject matter experts representing cloud software platforms and applications. Our members provide valuable insight that helps develop resources and tools to help achieve specific business objectives and advance the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.

Join us for this informative discussion about the SaaS industry and stay up to date with the cloud and its trends. You'll hear from four industry leaders on what they predict the next year will hold.


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